Our Mission

hexes.ai connects our passion for this Classic Board Game with an analytical approach rooted in statistics.

Additionally, hexes.ai is the testbed for our Reinforcement Learning agent. Long term, we are aiming to achieve a superhuman level of play.


We always wanted a web-native alternative to play our favourite board game online with friends. With good performance and optimized design.


No Friction. That was our goal. That's why it takes only one click and a few seconds to start a game. No Login required. No Sign required. Just have fun with friends, strangers, and sometimes our experimental agents.


We baked live statistics right into the game experience. Keep an eye on the dice distribution, the movement of the Robber, or each player's production. Soon advanced stats to put everything into perspective will follow.


After imagining the advantages of having a record of every single game interaction, we just started building this vision. Our first project: step-by-step replays of games with all the statistics unknown during the match.